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Super Fast Speed of your website is our primary goal. We believe that clients can’t wait, so every second that a client has to wait is a customer / visitor that you lose an opportunity for conversion. This problem can be solved by optimizing website resources to minimum.

We believe in a 3 way website optimizaiton:

  1. Website Optimization
  2. Database Optimization (Incase of CMS)
  3. Server Optimization

Speed optimization is a process of correcting every small mistake when it comes to rendering a website page. Generally small mistakes of designing a website adds up and finally affects your website speed. Speed Optimizaiton is now a part of google ranking factor and we believe the same of delivering fastest and best user experience to help your business get more users than your competitors. So this means high speed optimized website = more clients & more business.

Website Optimization

We target 7 major areas in website optimization:

  1. Code Optimization
  2. Style Optimization
  3. Script Optimization
  4. Image Optimization
  5. Resource Request Optimization
  6. Implementing Parallel Resource Downloads
  7. Removing Unwanted Redirects

Database Optimization

Database Optimization plays an important part when the CMS website is to be speed optimized for performance.

Several Area of Focus here are:

  1. Query Optimization
  2. Indexing
  3. Dead Lock Removal
  4. Removing unwanted round trips

Server Optimization

Server optimization is crucial for your website to load faster. If the server response time is low, your website will load subsequently faster.

We focus on these critical measure of improving your website speed:

  1. Server Caching
  2. Gzipping
  3. Configuring E Tags
  4. Optimizing Server Side Scaling
  5. Header Encoding
  6. Reducing Server DNS Lookups
Speed Optimization
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